Release 3.1.35 (03/20/2017)

In the 3.1.35 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Signals history widget, new type of widget to list one or more signals and the history of their values;

  • New option Export in widget menu , in Signals history widget it allows to download visualized data in .csv format;
  • Multiple-devices widgets (Signals list, Graph, Signals history), if signals of different devices are added to the widget, device description is also shown in addition to signal's one;
  • Edit signal, Granularity options moved in the Values correction section;
  • Search filters caching, after searching for elements, the filter is cached and persists even if the page is changed;
  • Widget copy, by clicking on Move in widget menu it is possible to choose to move the widget or copy it in the destination dashboard;

  • Signals link in legend, in the legend of Graph widget links to the signals detail pages were added;
  • Events in charts, new functionality to add events to the charts from signal detali page;

  • Tags, tags for events, signals and devices were introduced to ease elements categorization;
  • Notes widget, new type of widget to list notes/events filtered for tags. The new widget also allows events creation/removal;

  • Linked event, events linked to signals are identified by an icon next to their description in Notes widget. By clicking on the event, its detail is shown with the link to the signal/device;
  • Substitutions color, in Edit signal it is possible to choose a color for every substitution. The colors are show in Signal detail and Signals list widgets;
  • Signal detail widget updates, added a light  for signals with substitution. The light has the color of the substitution. Added the option to show/hide signal last values. If there are substitutions on the signal, the color of the widgets changes automatically according to the color of the substitution;

  • Shared dashboards, added a new sharing option for the dashbaords. In addition to Copy, that creates a dashboard identical but indipendent from the original one, Share is introduced. A shared dashboard is editable only by its creator, edits to the dashboard are visible in all its shares;

  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities.
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