Adding a device

To add a new device some basic information is needed. It is possible to choose its type from a list, the default one is "standard". The description typed in the corresponding field, will appear in the list of devices page. The location of your device is also required, you can enter the address in the appropriate text box and then refine the location by moving the cursor on the map.

To create a new device you need to specify two more fields, Hours difference and Displayed Timezone. If the user chose preferences in their profile, they will be used as default values.

The Hours difference indicates the offset used to store signals data of some types of device (option is ignored in others). You can choose among:

  • Hours, fixed hours difference from UTC, it isn't afflicted by daylight saving time;
  • Timezone, variable difference according to the timezone, it varies with daylight saving time.

By setting a wrong difference the data may not be displayed coherently. The Displayed timezone indicates the timezone used to display the charts of the device signals. It is possible to store data with an Hours difference and displaying them with a different timezone.

It is possible to add Tags as filters to the device.

The Decimals separatorCSV datetime format and CSV signals fields are shown in device creation only when the device requires signals import from .CSV files (see Google Drive). The datetime format must match the one present in the files in order to parse data correctly and it is required to specify the descriptions of the signals to import. If you want to import signals from CSV for other types of device, the option is still available in the edit page of the device once created.

Once all the fields have been filled and the device has been saved, its detail is shown, with its map and its signals list, which is empty at the beginning.

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