Operations on the dashboard



Dates selection

Selezionando delle date nei controlli in cima alla dashboard, tutti i widget presenti verranno impostati con lo stesso intervallo. Nel caso di widget a singolo valore (Dettaglio segnale, Contagiri, ...) il valore visualizzato rappresenterà la media dei valori sull'intervallo.



Adding a child dashboard

From the panel under the navigation bar, it is possible to add a child dashboard to the selected dashboard by clicking the button Add child dashboard. Once a child dashboard is added, a button is shown to access it, with info on the dashboards and widgets in it.

In a child dashboard a button for the parent dashboard is always present, as well as a button for the root dashboard.



Sharing a dashboard

By sharing a dashboard every device and signal associated with your widgets will be shared as well. Only the signals in the widgets are shared, any other signals of the devices in widgets aren't considered in shares.

A dashboard can be shared in two ways:

  • Copy, the dashboard is duplicated to the receiver user. The copied dashboard is totally indipendent from the original one, edits on the copy don't reflect on the original, the user who shares the dashboard can't see receiver edits;
  • Share, the dashboard is duplicated and the duplicate is shared to the receiver user, as default option, in read only mode (the receiver can only change the visualized range in widgets). Edits on the original dashboard reflect on the copy. The creator will see the shared dashboard in the Shared submenu in Dashboards.

While sharing a dashboard you can choose among the following options:

  • Share also children dashboards;
  • Share widget signals history:
    • if the option is not selected, sharing user's preference is used, if the preference isn't set the default option is used instead (7 days);
    • if the option is selected, sharing user's quote is used;
  • Share the dashboard giving admin permissions to the receiver, this way the receiver can edit the dashboard as if it were his.

The users partecipating in the sharing are shown under the title with their thumbnails. The creator can edit the users by clicking the gear icon, then adding or removing the users. An user can remove theirself from a share by clicking the x next to their profile thumbnail.

If all shares are removed from the permissions modal, the dashboard will be listed among the other dashboards (not in the Shared dashbaords submenu), and will be renamed with a ! at the beginning of the name to distinguish it from the original one.



Preset choice

For every dashboard, there are three presets available:

  • Small Widget
  • Normal Widget
  • Large Widget

The user can move between options, each edit will be stored. This will make possible to set up to three view for a single dashboard.



Favorite dashboard

By clicking the star next to the dashboard name, it is possible to set it as the favorite one. The favorite dashboard is loaded as default when openin Databoom and is listed as first in the side menu.



Direct access from URL

It is possible to access a dashboard directly from the address bar, skipping the login procedure. In order to access the dashboard you need an OAuth token and the dashboard id. You can add an OAuth token in the credentials page, while you can retrieve the id of the dashboard from the address bar (the id is the string after https://app.databoom.com/dashboards/).  You can then form your URL following the pattern:


The link is automatically generated in the share dashboard modal and can be copied by clicking the Public link button.



Emptying a dashboard

It is possible to delete all the widgets in a dashboard by clicking the button Empty dashboard and confirming the operation. Once the dashboard has been emptied, it is not possible to retrieve the deleted widgets.



Deleting a dashboard

A dashboard is deletable only when it is empty. When there are no widgets, the delete button is shown, you can then click and confirm to end the operation. If the user deletes all their dashboards, the dashboard side menu and the main screen will be empty, a message will be shown to explain how to add a new one.


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