Adding a signal

It is possible to access signal creation from signals list (Add signal button on the top right of the list) or from a device detail page (Add signal button on the top right of its signals list).

To add a new signal you need to specify the device it belongs to. If signal creation started from a device detail page, device field is already filled.

The signal can be set as Virtual signal, or a signal that it is calculated using other signals as variables. If the user does not specify a different device, all the virtual signals are saved in a Virtual Signals Container device as default option.

Type allows to assign the proper kind to the signal, automatically setting some default properties like the unit of measurement and the graph type. It is possible to update predefinite type options in any moment from the signale edit page.

Other available fields are:

  • Description
  • Signal notes, for any additional info
  • some Tags, keywords to be used as filters to the signal

Signal token is a unique code within the same device which identifies the signal. It is used to refer the signal in devices configuration or in data communication when using APIs.

Default token can be updated, it is an hazardous operation, you have always to consider that:

  • token value must be unique within the same device
  • if the token is used in any configuration and hasn't been updated yet, next communications won't update the same signal in Databoom

After all the fields have been filled you can confirm signal creation with Save button on the top right.

Signals multiple creation

Add signal button allows to create more signals at once. By cliking the button a panel for the new signal will be shown.

It is possible to remove a signal from the multiple creation by clickyng the - button on the top right of its panel. The copy button makes a copy of the signal and its filled field (with the exception of the token).

Signal validation

Once signal creation has been confirmed you will see the updated list of all signals. By clicking a signal in the list, its detail page is displayed, with its graphical representation. A signal does not record the data right after its creation, its owner needs to do its validation.

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