Release 3.1.55 (04/26/2017)

In the 3.1.55 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Rules, Share option available in the rule detail page, it is also possible to share the alarms history generated by the shared rule;

  • WAGO-TO-PASS, solved the bug that caused the counters to reset when the device turned off;
  • New signal type Enumeration, to use with analogic signals that require substitutions for each of their values. Signal detail widget for an enumeration shows the substitution as big value;
  • Charts, added substitution labels in charts balloons of charts widgets and signal detail page;
  • Virtual signals, added new formulas to create statistics:
    • Percentile, kf(percentile(x0,90),12) where 90 indicates the percentile (settable from 0 to 100) and 12 can be substituted with f to calculate the formula on the visualized periods;
    • Arithmetic mean, kf(ma(x0),12) where 12 is the number of periods, settable to f to calculate the formula on the visualized periods resulting in a straight line;
    • Weighted arithmetic mean, kf(wma(x0),12);
    • Exponential mean, kf(ema(x0),12);
    • Standard deviation, kf(ssd(x0),12);
    • Gradient, kf(gradient(x0),12);
  • Widgets, added button in headers to instantly reload the widgets and all their contents;

  • Dashbaords, widgets automatically updates every hour;
  • Alarms list, default view updated to new and active alarms in today's date;
  • Alarms, recovered the new alarms notification in the navigation bar;
  • Alarms, in case of values exclusion, alarm fires only at first value out of range;
  • Signal detail and Gauge widgets, added the option to select the data frequency of the visualized data;
  • Signal detail, added the option Show substitution, to show/hide the substitution value in the widget;
  • Customization, new submenu in Settings for PRESTIGE users, to customize Databoom interface colors and the access screens messages;

  • API gmtclock updated, apikey value in header is not required anymore, new route is GET;
  • New syntax for timing in formulas;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities.
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