Gauge (widget)

The widget shows the last received value of a signal on a gauge, whose thresholds are set by the user while adding it to a dashboard.

Minimum and maximum values are required, once they are setted is also possible to specify the danger thresholds, that represent the red bands of the gauge:

  • Minimum danger band, delimited by the minimum value and the minimum danger threshold;
  • Maximum danger band, delimited by the maximum danger threshold and the maximum value;
  • Correct band, delimited by the minimum danger threshold and the maximum danger threshod.

Creazione gauge

Once all the values are setted and the source signal chosen, the widget is added to the dashbaord, updating at every communication.

The thresholds are editable at every moment through the edit modal of the widget. The displayed data and reference date can also be choosen (for example, Hourly Average shows the last availabe hourly average).

The Custom avg option allows to select the reference date range and the type of source data (All values, hourly averages, daily averages, weekly averages, monthly averages), the value represents the average of the signal in the selected period calculated with the selected type of data.

If the displayed data is note set to Last value, it i possible to choose whether to show the maximum, the minimum and the deviation from the average of the selected period.

It is also possible to show value substitution if set in the signal (substitution colors are applied if set in signals settings, even if substituted value option is not set).

If the substitution is active, the color of the widget updates according to the color set in the substitution. 

In the widget view options, an alternative graphics is available for the gauge, it uses a thicker style.


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