Customization (PRESTIGE)

A Databoom PRESTIGE user can customize the platform interface editing the colors and the main logo. To access the customization area, click the proper subemnu in Settings. Customized interface will be available for all the users belonging the same Databoom subdomain.

Selected colors are added in the widgets pallete, so it is easy to get an armonic interface.

It is also possible to specify customized Login and Signin screens messages and the link to the home of your site, reachable by clicking the Home button in the access screens.

In the Other customizations panel it is possible to edit the title button that is shown in the title bar next to the name of the page (default is DATABOOM), in addition to the favicon, the appleicon and signals types images (for Signals boxes widget).

After images upload, you need to click Save button to store updates.

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