Creating a share

It is possible to share devices, signals, rules, widgets and dashboards with other Databoom users.

The types of permissions are:

  • Viewer, the user can only view the device/signal, without being able to do any particular action
  • Admin, the user can edit the details of the device/signal
  • Creator, the user, in addition to the permissions of admin, can also delete the device/signal

A new share has default Viewer permission and the history has receiver user's restrictions. It is possible to update permissions and to share user's history through the buttons in the panel in the bottom of the device/signal details page. 

Users hints

When starting a share, a modal is shown to insert the usernames or emails you want to share with. If the email is not present, it is possible to send a Databoom invitation. 

The input field provides hints to ease users search, with the following restrictions:

  • It is possible to search for users by thei usernames or emails;
  • The hint shows only the username;
  • The hint is only shown after at least 4 correct charachters of the username/email are typed;
  • The hints show only users with the same Databoom access (Premium users with customized Databoom can only view hints for the users with the same access, as well as standard Databoom users can only view other standard Databoom users);
  • It is possible to share with different Databoom access users but the whole username/email is required, no hints are shown.

Sharing a device

Sharing a signal

Sharing a rule

Sharing a widget

Sharing a dashboard

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