PUT /signals/{signalId}

The API to update a signal is the following

PUT https://api.databoom.com/v1/signals/{signalId}

To call the API an OAuth token with Update permission is needed.
{signalId} in the URL must be replaced with the _id of the signal you want to update.

It is possible to update a signal only if you have Creator or Administrator permissions.

The request body has to be filled with the fields you want to update. In the example image above signal description update is shown.

Same call in cURL is

curl -X PUT \
https://api.databoom.com/v1/signals/5ccfe0e36cc4eab9a05c370f \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <OAuth Token>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"description":"New description"

The API responds with the signal filled with all its fields, properties specified in the request are updated.



Follows an example response, description field is updated.

"_id": "5ccfe0e36cc4eab9a05c370f",
"lastModUser": "5693799a2ce24d2300439324",
"revision": 1,
"device_token": "0rc0qi8qc0",
"device_description": "API test",
"device": "5cd2c794509393c4ac6427bb",
"type": "5718ca3f4ef29d440851589b",
"signal_token": "08atl0rfub",
"tags": [],
"created": "2019-05-08T12:12:18.278Z",
"lastModDate": "2019-05-08T12:12:18.434Z",
"deletedAt": null,
"deleted": false,
"public_obj": false,
"virtual_signal_list": [],
"children": [],
"inline_virtual": false,
"virtual_signal": false,
"partial_cache": false,
"is_cached": false,
"virtual_compute_granularity": {
"granularity": "*",
"compute": false
"accumulator": {
"is_a_sum": false,
"offset": 0,
"start_date": "2019-05-08T12:12:18.278Z",
"active": false
"skip_log": false,
"log_on": true,
"alarms_on": true,
"info": [],
"rescale": {
"max_value": {
"evaluated": 1000,
"original": 1000
"min_value": {
"evaluated": 0,
"original": 0
"active": false
"chart_scale": {
"max_chart_scale": 0,
"min_chart_scale": 0,
"active": false
"min_granularity": "*",
"chart_type": "LINE",
"manual_edit_active": false,
"autocomplete": false,
"values_filtering": {
"enable": false
"decimals": 2,
"unit_prefix": "",
"unit": [],
"status": "INIT",
"command_status": {
"status": "EXECUTED"
"showEvents": false,
"command_label_rules": [],
"command_enable": false,
"orders": [],
"last_value_rules": [],
"sampling_rate": 5,
"notes": "",
"description": "New description",
"name": "",
"__v": 0,
"role": "CREATOR"


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    Alcides Fernandes

    Thanks for this topic but i need your help i want to write a value to a signal and. I´m using the page https://docs.databoom.com/#/Signals/put_signals__signalId_ to test a signal but i cann't get, i just wrote the SignalId =0ez9af6ouz (copied from signal token) and for the description i used the same of exemple above {"description":"New description"}.

    curl -X PUT "https://api.databoom.com/v1/signals/0ez9af6ouz" -H "accept: application/json" -H "content-type: application/json" -d "{\"description\": \"New description\"}"

    when i try to execute the server response a error 401

    Response body
      "code": "UnauthorizedError",
      "message": "Authentication via bearer token required. Follow the oauth2-token link to get one!"


    i just copied the code OAuth Tokens from https://app.databoom.com/settings/credentials but i don't know where and how i paste that code.

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