Device detail

Once all the fields have been filled and the device has been saved, its details are shown, with its map and its signals list, which is empty at the beginning. Buttons on the top right let the user:

  • If Administrator or Creator, to make the device available to other users with the share functionality;
  • If Administrator or Creator, to access the edit page of the device;
  • If Creator, to duplicate the visualized button;
  • In case of Subscription, to unsuscribe the device.

Databoom automatically generates a token for the device. The token is a unique code that identifies your device, you need it to transmit data to the platform through the use of the API.

At this point it will be possible to proceed with the creation of the signals to associate to the device. A device without signals can still communicate with Databoom, the platform will automatically create them. In every details page, a link to the support page of the type of device is available, with all the instructions to connect the device and forward its signals step by step.

It is possible to create signals for the device from the signals list or directly in the same device details page by clicking the Add signal button. If the Enable CSV import option is flagged in the device edit page, a button is also shown to import signals from .CSV files.

Device detail

The list shows all the visible signals as default option. By clicking on Show hidden signals the remaining signals are shown. For each signal, next to the favorites star, there is an eye that permits to change its visualization. It is possible to show/hide more signals at the same time from the devices list.

If a signal has orders, their icons will be displayed  next to last value, you just need to click on them to send commands.

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