Signal detail

By clicking one signal in the list, its detail is displayed, with its graphical representation. Buttons on the top right of the details page let the user:

  • If Administrator or Creator, to make the signal available to other users with the Share functionality;
  • If Administrator or Creator, to access the Edit page of the signal;
  • If Administrator or Creator, in case of reference signals, to edit signal values.

It is possible to choose the interval to be displayed on the chart, or display the zoom of a particular area by selecting it.

The chart shows at most 10080 values. If an high frequency is selected with a wide time period, data won't be visualized and a warning notification will show. Automatic option is therefore reccomended, it automatically shows the most appropriate frequency for the selected range.

It is also possible to analyze different intervals of the same signal, or make comparison with other signlas, from other devices too (if accessibles).

By selecting the corresponding checkboxes, it is possible to show Events and/or Alarms of the signal in the chart area.

Signals data can be exported using the Export/Save control and choosing the proper format.

A signal does not record the data right after its creation, its owner needs to do its validation.

Signal detail

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