Release 4.2.74 (07/08/2022)

In the 4.2.74 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Secomea device, creators or administrators of Secomea devices can see a button in device detail page to download the basic configurtion XML file to import in the SiteManager;
  • Signals and rules from templates, when templates are edited it is possible to update more elements at once from edit mode in lists;
  • Notes widget, if a note contains a file link an icon to download the file is displayed directly in list in widget;
  • Manage groups (PRESTIGE), groups are sorted alphabetically;
  • Manage groups (PRESTIGE), added filters in list, groups is displayed as label in corresponding column;
  • Date signals, signals with date type are displayed as dates with format specified in user's preferences in Signals list, Signals boxes and Signal detail widgets;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Device template, signal template creation fixed when token is already used;
    • Team, a team administrator can remove its team from shares with view permissions;
    • Dashboards, a share administrator can update shared dashboard title.
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