Manage groups (PRESTIGE)

An user subscribed to Databoom PRESTIGE plan can create groups to manage his costumers individually in his subdomain.

To enable this feature contact to customize your PRESTIGE plan. 


Create a group

Groups are available only to subdomain administrators. Groups management is therefore the same in a Databoom subdomain, that is, if the feataure is enabled to more administrators, they view and can manage the same groups. 

Once the feature is enabled it will be available under Settings -> Manage groups

In the Manage groups page it is possible to add a new group or edit/delete an existing one.

When a group has been created group selector is displayed in the top bar to set the filtered visualization of only items that belog to that group.

All groups displays all the items, whether they're in a group or not, while No group display only items that don't have a group.


Set a group to a device

Once groups configuration is completed it is possible to set a group to a device.

If a device is created when a group has been chosen in the top bar selector it is automatically assigned to that group.

On the contrary if the device is created when no group is selected it's possible to set a group in the device edit page.

When a device is assigned to a group its signals are automatically added to the same group, same goes for dashboards and rules where it's included (dashboards and rules may belong to more groups). 


Filter by group

Once the devices are assigned to a group it is possible to display only items belonging to a certain group by selecting it in the top bar selector.

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