Rule actions

It is possible to assign one or more actions to each rule. An action is an operation to be executed when a rule condition is verified.

Following action types are available:

  • Mail action
  • HTTP action
  • MQTT action
  • Telegram action
  • SMS action (SMS can be forwarded with HTTP actions)

For each action it is possible to specify the condition to notify:

  • Activation, the alarm started
  • Shutdown, the alarm ended
  • Both, both the alarm start and end




Depending on the variables used in the rule it's possible to use the following placeholders in action text:

  • the value of a variable when the alarm has activated, the syntax to use is %%variabie%%
    eg. %%x0%%
  • the value of a variable before the alarm has activated, the syntax to use is %%variable_1%%
    eg. %%x0_1%%
  • value substitution, the syntax to use is %%variable_sub%%
    eg. %%x0_sub%%
  • value substitution notes, the syntax to use is %%variable_sub_notes%%
    eg. %%x0_sub%%
  • variable signal/device/widget/report description, the syntax to use is %%variable_desc%%
    eg. %%x0_desc%%
  • variable signal/report device description, the syntax to use is %%variable_device_desc%%
    eg. %%x0_device_desc%%
  • variable signal/device token, the syntax to use is %%variabile_token%%
    eg. %%x0_token%%
  • variable signal device token, the syntax to use is %%variabile_device_token%%
    eg. %%x0_device_token%%
  • if the rule contains a report, the download link of the file, the syntax to use is %%reportVariable_pdf%%
    eg. %%x0_pdf%%
  • if the rule contains a widget, the download link of the file, the syntax to use is %%reportVariable_csv%%
    eg. %%x0_csv%%
  • the date of the alarm, the syntax to use is %%alarm_date%%. The date uses the fixed format 24/07/2018 08:04.



Mail action

Mail action has the following fields:

  • Receivers
  • CC and BCC, the fields are editable after a receiver has been added
  • Subject
  • Text



HTTP action

HTTP action has the following fields:

  • Method, it's possible to choose among POST, GET, PUT, DELETE
  • URL, the address to forward the request to, the whole address must be specified including http or https
  • Header, allow to add headers to the request specifying their key and value
  • Payload:
    • if text in paylod is in JSON format the json field of request is used
    • if text isn't JSON:
      • as default body field is used
      • if text starts with text: the text field of request is used with the text following the keyword



MQTT action

MQTT action has the following fields:

  • URL, MQTT broker address
  • Client ID,  the id to be used to identify the client
  • Username and Password, to authenticate
  • Topic, the topic where publishing to
  • QOS payload
  • Payload, the message to be pubished on topic



Telegram action

To set up and forward alarms to the Telegram bot read the dedicated article at Alarms on bot.



SMS action (Twilio + HTTP action)

You need to have a Twilio account in order to send SMS.

It's possible to send SMS using a HTTP action in a few steps:

  • Create a HTTP action with method POST
  • Set the URL 


    where SID and AUTH-TOKEN are provided by Twilio Console
  • Set a header with:
    • key:Content-Type
    • value:application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Payload must follow the format

    Body=<SMS text>&From=<FROM>&To=<TO>

    • SMS text is the message to be forwarded
    • FROM is the phone number in Twilio
    • TO is the number to forward the message to (it must be preceeded by prefix)
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