Release 4.1.152 (03/19/2021)

In the 4.1.152 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Widgets, MQTT orders buttons visualization fixed. At maximum 3 fast orders (orders with none or one variable) buttons or 2 fast orders buttons and the Send order button are displayed  when signal has 4+ fast orders or normal orders (orders with more than a variable);

  • Widgets, improved widget caching;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Rules, action validation fixed;
    • Device template, signal template addition fixed (it gave error after the first one);
    • Device template, search rule placeholder fixed in template edit;
    • Rule template, signal template description fixed in formula form;
    • Signal template, when description is edited it is also updated in virtual signal tempalte that use the signal as a variable;
    • Manage user (PRESTIGE), users generated in manage user page can use Telegram bot correctly;
    • Free table widget, signal cells customized color fixed.
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