Multi signals edit

You can access multi signals edit from signals list edit mode:

  • Go to the signals list
  • Click the Edit signals button
  • Select the signals you want to edit (pencil icon column)
  • Confirm the selection b clicking the Apply changes button

By confirming the selection, a window is displayed. You can choose what category of parameters to edit for the selected signals (Info, Values substitution and Graph visualization).

Once the kind of edits has been selected, the editable parameters are shown. To enable a parameter edit just  click the pencil icon next to it. 

If the parameters have the same value in all the selected signals, their values is shown. 

It is possible to edit parameters in more sections, for example by selecting some in Info then changing to Values substitution.

Only the enabled parameters (yellow pencil) will be updated in selected signals.

Once that all the edits are done you an proceed by clicking the Save button. Before the final confirmation, a preview with all the pending edits is shown.

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