Release 4.1.72 (07/21/2020)

In the 4.1.72 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Device template, it is possible to duplicate rules and signals template from their edit pages;
  • Rules, it is possible to select user in shares accounts as receivers for Telegram actions;
  • Alarm, alarm tags are listed in search input options;
  • Alarms widget, it is possible to use tags as filters;
  • Signal detail widget, it is possible to customize signal value font size in edit modal;
  • Dashboard, whether the children dashboard menu is open/close is saved in dashboard;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Device template actualization, template token portion is displayed in modal as default;
    • Substitutions, when more substitutions have the same value (ex. empty value substitutions to customize value colors) the correct substitution notes are displayed.
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