Release 4.1.58 (06/24/2020)

In the 4.1.47 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Rules, it is possible to use placeholders %% in MQTT actions to refert to ClientId and Topic;
  • Rules, added new placeholder %% to refer signals and devices tokens:
    • if x0 is a signal, x0_token is the token of the signal and x0_device_token is the token of its device
    • if x0 is a device, x0_token is the token of the device
  • Prestige, it is possible to set signin/signup page language in customization;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Fixed free table widget in reports;
    • Prestige, data pushed by devices actualized from templates is counted in Devices synchronizations page
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