Release 4.1.50 (06/05/2020)

In the 4.1.50 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Graph widget, if a signal has Manually insert values option enabled, it is possible to add or edit values by clicking on its chart (if All values are displayed);

  • Manage report, added section to manage report accessible by clicking the gear icon in the side menu (as for manage dashboard);

  • Report template, it is possible to create report templates and link them to a device template;
  • Fast validation, custom topic and transformation function fields, where available, are displayed in fast validation.

  • Device template, it is possible to specify a description for the new device when creating a device from template by clicking the button Create device from this template;
  • Dashboard template, in create dashboard from template window, in case of widget without signals but with devices, device selection is displayed;
  • Dashboard/Report manager, it is possible to rename templates;
  • Rules, alarm priority level shown in list;
  • Rules, in case of report generation or widget export rules, placeholders were added to refer the report or widget description (%%x0_desc%%) and, if the report is created from template, the correspnding device description (%%x0_device_desc%%).
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