Release 4.1.41 (04/22/2020)

In the 4.1.41 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Rules, automatic ack option to automatically set an alarm as Solved when it turns off;
  • Rules, it is possible to use placeholders %% in rule description too;
  • Rules, it is possible to set the automatic export of history and chart widgets by using the new placeholder %%x0_csv%% where x0 is a widget selected while inserting the formula;

  • Rules, when sharing a rule it is possible to automatically add the user to the receivers of all the actions (info in user's profile are used);

  • Rules, when editing rules in the list it is possible to add or remove receivers from actions;

  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Yearly granularity fixed;
    • New button to refresh alarms list;
    • Charts, statistics in legend have been fixed when zooming.
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