Peplink InControl 2

Databoomallows the integration with the Peplink InControl 2 platform. The following guide shows the steps to configure both InControl 2 and Databoom.



Peplink configuration

  • Login to

  • Click your email in the top right corner to acces the user settings

  • Scroll down to the Client Applications section and click the New Client button

  • In the New Client window fill the fields as follows:
    • Application Name, choose your application name, ex. Databoom
    • Select Enable
    • Leave the Website field empty
    • Fill the Redirect URI field with the address 
    • Confirm by clicking on Save



Databoom configuration

  • Add a new device choosing the type Peplink
  • Fill the fields in the Peplink section as follows:
    • Organization, code displayed in the URL of InControl 2 main page 
    • Device identifier, code displayed in the URL of the  InControl 2 device detail page
    • Redirect URI, the address used in the field with the same name in InControl 2 configuration 
    • Client id, displayed in InControl 2 in the Client ID column of the Client Applications section
    • Client secret, displayed in the client detail window in InControl 2
    • Add the following signals to the device paying particular attention to signal tokens:
      • Status signal with token status
      • Latitude signal with token latitude
      • Longitude signal with token longitude

    • Once the signals has been added communciation happens every 5 minutes
    • It is possible to set a Dynamic position to the device by selecting the latitude and longitude signals. In this way the device will be displayed on the map according to the transmitted coordinates.

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