EXOR JMobile

Databoom allows the integration with the HMI application JMobile of Exor. The following guide shows the steps to follow on JMobile and on Databoom to complete the configuration.



Databoom configuration

Communication among JMobile and Databoom is established through MQTT protocol. It's therefore necessary to create an MQTT or EXOR JMobile (in this case the MQTT parameters form is displayed too) device in Databoom so that all the parameters needed in the JMobile configuration are provided.

To create an MQTT device follow the guide at https://support.databoom.com/hc/en-us/articles/209642229

Once the device has been created, note down the following parametersi:

  • Device token
  • ClientId
  • Topics where publish data

You also need an OAuth token for authentication (to create a new one go in the side menu Settings -> Credentials).



JMobile configuration

For basic JMobile  functionalities it is possible to refer to the application help

When creating a new project MQTT interface is availablie in the side ProjectView section.

Parameters to fill to configure the broker are:

  • Broker address is mqtt.databoom.com
  • Port is 1883
  • Client ID is the identifier of the client, it is displayed in Databoom device page
  • Username is the username used to access in Databoom
  • Password is an OAuth token created in the Credentials section in Databoom

Parameters for publication must be filled in the Data (pub) section:

  • Topic is the topics where publish data field displayed in Databoom device
  • Payload contains data to be forwarded to Databoom, the current structure allows to forward only a variable per time, therefore each JMobile tag will need a different payload. The payload follow the structure:
     "type": "data",
     "message": {
         "device": "02xx1a45e0",
         "date": "${timestamp}",
         "signals" : [
             "name": "${tagName}",
             "value": "${value}"
    ${timestamp} ${tagName} ${value} are JMobile keywords to refer date, tag description and tag value respectively.

It is also possible to authenticate using certificates.

Parameters to use certificates are:

  • Broker address is mqttcert.databoom.com
  • Port is 8883
  • Enable TLS
  • Copy and past certificates from Databoom device

A working example project is attached to this article.

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