Creating a template from an existing device

In addition to the procedure in the article, it is possible to create template from existing devices in order to create other devices with the same signals and rules.

The existing device must be of one of the compatible types, HTTP or MQTT, or of one of their derived types, as Insys Monitoring and Secomea.

 The procedure to create a template from an existing device is really siple, you just need to:

  • Access the page of the device you want to use as template source
  • Click the Create a template from this device button

Once the procedure has ended, a template will be available.

All the signals and rules of the source device are turned into templates. In this way when a template is actualized, a device with the same signals and rules will be created.



Creating a device from template

Depending on the type of device selected as template, it's possible to start communicating with the consequent devices creation on the set model.

Edits on a template are inherited by all the generated devices if the following communications use the template to transmit. If, for example, signals are added to a template and the communication with a generated device happens through the template itself, the device will update with the new signals. On the contrary, if a signal is added to a generated device, the edit doesn't reflect on its template.

To better understand the use and utility of templates it's highly recommended the further reading of the documentation about the type of generable devices:



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