Alleantia IoT Scada

Databoom allows to Alleantia IoT Scada applications to send data through MQTT. To transmit data you need to configure a device in Databoom and the correct broker parameters in the IoT Scada



MQTT device configuration

As first step you need to create a device in Databoom and to configure it so it can communicate correctly. When creating a new device select the type Alleantia Gateway.  Once the type has been selected, the required parameters are displayed.


The Serial number is the serial number of the IoT Scada application you want to connect. 



IoT Scada configuration

Once the device has been created it is possible to configure the MQTT communication in the Configuration section of the IoT Scada.


Click the MQTT brokers configuration button in the Communication section.


In the following screen it is possible to add the Databoom MQTT broker parameters.

Click the Add Broker button e fill the fields as follows:

  • IP address or hostname is
  • Port is 1883
  • Username is your Databoom username
  • Password is an OAuth token created in the Credentials section of Databoom with the Pubilsh and Create permissions

You can now verify the parameters by clicking the Test Connection button. If the test is successful you can proceed by saving the configuration.

Go back to the Configuration section and click the MQTT Service button to configure Alleantia device communication.


Select the MQTT broker created in the previous steps and check Enable MQTT service.

In this way the IoT Scada will connect to Databoom and the platform will automatically query the IoT Scada to retrieve devices.

Once the configuration has been completed the devices present in the IoT Scada will appear in Databoom with their signals already validated. From now on all the data sent by the  IoT Scada will be stored in Databoom.




Updating devices

If you need to update the list of Alleantia devices in Databoom or their signals, you need to access the corresponding Alleantia gateway device page in Databoom.

The following buttons will be displayed:


Update devices configuration and Update signals configuration buttons allow to query the IoT Scada to retrieve the devices and signals respectively.



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