Alarms on bot

It is possible to receive alarms as messages in the bot di Telegram.

In order to add your Telegram user inside a rule, you need to follow Databoom configuration and to restart the bot after the release 4.0.46.

Rule creation

To receive alarms on bot, you need to create a rule with a Telegram bot action

Once the action type has been selected, it is possible to proceed as for a normal rule.

In the Receivers  field, all the users set in your Databoom profile are listed. Only users who have restarted (/start command) the bot after Databoom release 4.0.46 are enabled to receive alarms on the bot.

The Subject field is not mandatory, if set it is sent as a different message before the main text. It is possible to use Markdown to format text and create links:

As for other rules, it is possible to refer variables value using the syntax %%variable%%




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