Release 4.0.53 (08/22/2019)

In the 4.0.53 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • Map widget, it is now possible to attach a dashboard to map markers so a link is shown in marker balloons;

  • Map widget, cluster marker is blue as default, if one of the grouped devices has an active alarm, red is used instead;

  • Fixes and optimization to device/signal/dashboard template procedure:
    • signals creation through device template keeps signals settings (previously signals type settings were used);
    • by clicking a signal tag in a device template detail page, its edit page is opened;
    • delete button has been disabled in singal template edit page, template signals removal must be done from device template edit page;
    • added an error notification while deleting a template in Dashboard manager if the template is set in any device template, a link to edit the device is shown;
    • added dashboard template removal in device template (previosuly dashboard template couldn't be canceled once set);
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Widget cache improved;
    • Optimized dashboard date controls (keep frequencies if set on widgets);
    • Frequency texts updated in counter signal detail page;
    • Added tooltip in widget footer in case of past date reference;
    • Gap period in charts fixed (sometimes gaps were shown even with a gap period set);
    • Favourite dashboard star visualziataion fixed in case of categorized dashboards in side menu;
    • Dashboards list in Dashboard manager fixed;
    • Premium profile customzation, cancel button also reset text edits (previously only colors and images edits were canceled);
    • Free table widget fixed, table errored if a signal cell was added without actually specifying a signal.
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