Release 4.0.39 (06/14/2019)

In the 4.0.39 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • PRESTIGE, you can choose the type of user when adding a new user in Manage users;
  • PRESTIGE, you can't remove an user if he still have active items (you need to remove devices, signals, rules, ... first); 
  • Added active shares icon and filter in devices, signals, rules and documents list;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Dashboard creation from template, added device filter when selecting a signal;
    • New signal types, latitude and longitude;
    • Chart widgets cache fixed, sometimes it didn't store the displayed dates correctly;
    • FREE profile notification hidden in mobile view in custom Databoom versions;
    • In chart axis values are shorten with k M G T P E starting from 100000 (previously from 1000);
    • Notes created for data export from chart and history widgets have a tag with their dashboard name, in addition to the widget name tag;
    • Error is displayed if sign in procedure fails.
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