Databoom API

Databoom allows the access to the platform through APIs.
The list of APIs is available to the following link

It is possible to test APIs directly on the site, examples in the support articles are made using Postman (




You need to authenticate to access Databoom APIs, there are two ways for this:

  • OAuth token better option
    • OAuth tokens list is available in the side menu section Settings->Credentials

    • It is possible to add new tokens by also specifying a description to distinguish them in the list
    • A new token has Publish permission as default, it is possible to update token permissions depending on the API you want to call
    • An OAuth token must be placed inside the request header as Bearer token, with Authorization key

      In Postman it is possible to insert the token either from the Authorization tab, by selecting the Bearer Token type, or from the Headers tab, by manually adding the Authorization key and setting the token as value preceeded by the keyword Bearer


  • API Key
    • API key is available in your Databoom profile or in the side menu section Settings->Credentials

    • API key must be placed in the request header using the apikey key



Some articles are available to explain how to work with APIs:

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