Release 4.0.15 (02/27/2019)

In the 4.0.15 release the following improvements were introduced:

  • New widget Signals boxes, to display a set of signals with their types icons (icons are customizable by the administrator of the profile in premium package);

  • Added buttons (Make admin, Share history in team shares similarly to users shares;
  • Added Show substitution option in Chart widget, to fill the chart area (Fill area option set) according to the subtitutions set on the signal;

  • Added Remove transparency option in Chart widget, to show colored area (Fill area option set) without transparency;
  • Platform files minified;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities :
    • CSV upload fix, maximum size to 6Mb;
    • Signal creation error modal fixed; 
    • Google Maps fixed, previous update caused little malfunctions;
    • Removed saving screen when logging in the platform;
    • Increased available space for widgets in dashboards.
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