Release 4.0.6 (06/02/2019)

In the 4.0.6 release the following improvements were introduced:  

  • Signal creation, new button Add signal  to create more signals at once;

  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities :
    • Rules and virtual signals edit, ace editor as formula input;

    • Recovered errors visualziation in users sign in procedure;

    • Documents list, added mobile visualization; 
    • Documents list, share controls in list view are available only to share-enabled users;
    • Documents list, fix list buttons after edits are saved in edit mode; 
    • Document detail, removed Share history button in permissions panel;
    • Device detail, signal detail, document detail, rule detail, share modal fixed: it is not accessible to users whose plans don't allow shares;

    • Events and alarms in widgets are visualized on top of the graphs so their balloons are shown correctly;
    • Page transition fix, new page is shown from the top (preveously pages were loaded in the same position of the source page);
    • Edit axis menu fixed in chart widgets.
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