Release 3.8.28 (01/16/2019)

In the 3.8.29 release the following improvements were introduced:  

  • Signal detail, Signals pie, Signals list, Free table, Scatter chart and Radar chart widgets: cache enabled in orderd to speed up their loading; 
  • Custom topic and Orders are available only for MQTT signals, while the Transform function is available also in HTTP template;
  • New option Overlap columns when all graphs are of column type and use the same visualization scale, it allows to view all teh values in a single column period;

  • Chart widget, new option Fill area for line graphs;

  • Chart widget, new option Values bullets to show and choose the type of values bullets;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities :
    • Report dates selector updates only the displayed range, the granularity set in the widgets is kept;
    • Augmented the number of displayable bullets (from 50 to 150);
    • In columns chart the Fixed labels options shows labels for all values (in line charts duplicated values are omitted);
    • Signals multiple selection enabled in history widget creation;
    • Fixed marked signal option in column charts in chart widgets;
    • Fixed footer tooltip color in scatter and radar chart widgets;
    • Fixed automatic granularity tooltip position in graph, history and scatter chart widgets;  
    • Fixed substsitutions in signal detail widget, sometimes substitution wasn't shown in relief with digital and enumerator signals; 
    • Fixed add widget buttons mobile visualization;
    • Fixed new users invitation when sharing a widget.
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