Scatter chart (widget)

The widget displays two signals in a scatter chart. By moving your cursor over the value bullets, you will see balloons containing the values of the signals with the corresponding date. 

The first signal added to the widget is assigned to x axis and the second to y axis.

By clicking on the 3-dots icon in the header, you access the widget menu, then, by clicking the gear, the editing modal is opened.

In addition to the color of the widget, it is possible to set the options:

  • Values marker allows to choose the type of marker and its color;
  • Switch axes allows to switch the axes between the signals;
  • Linear regression allows to show the regression line;
  • Custom trendlines allows to add custom lines to the chart, given their start and end points.

Through the edit window it is also possible to edit the data frequency and the reference period.

By clicking one of the values of an axis, in addition to changing its color and label, it is possible to specify:

  • whether to show axis label (default);
  • , vertical for x axis, horizontal for y axis;
  • whether to show the axis line (default);
  • the number of decimal digits to display for the corresponding signal. 

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