Release 3.6.5 (09/07/2018)

In the 3.6.5 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Rules, added autocomplete suggestion in rules receivers input, previously used phone numbers and mails are listed;

  • Rules, added tag filters in the list;
  • Reports, by sharing a reports also the subsequently generated or uploaded reports are shared; 
  • Added splash screen on some operations, to avoid the navigation during their process;

  • Alarms, in case of New alarms tha stay unacknowledged and active, the associated action is repeated once a day; 
  • Devices, when a device is deleted, its timeout rule is also removed;
  • New user, the sign in confirm email shows the correct Databoom subdomani;
  • Movicon, improved data transimission script;
  • Reference signals, the number of values of a reference signal is the same of its base signal;
  • Virtual signals, new syntax full_x0 to refer to the accumulated value of a counter signal (real signals that send the total value from time to time);
  • Shares, additional options (Make admin, Share children, Share history) available also with Teams and with manual typed usernames;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Move widget, added labels to distinguish dashboards, children and shares; 
    • Reports, disabled Generate PDF  button while the preview is loading;
    • Dashboards/Reports, extended description input field in the side menu when adding a new dashboard or report (from 30 to 50, consistently with description edit in the dashboard/report view);
    • Widgets, reload button always visible, also in read only dashboards;
    • Maps, marker can be positioned everywhere in the map and some visualization fixes.
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