View alarms in chart

In the signal detail page it's possible to view the alarms generated by the rules on the same signal. 

Like for events visualization, a checkbox is present to enable the option Show alarms.

On the graph the areas affected by alarms will assume the color of the alarm status:

  • New, when the alarm occurred but no user acknowledged it;
  • Active, when the alarm is not resolved but was acknowledged;
  • Off, when the alarm has ended but no user acknowledged it;
  • Solved, when the alarm has ended and was acknowledged.

The balloon of the highlighted area contains a bell to distinguish the alarms with the label of the corresponding status. The rule that generated the alarm is visualized in bold, followed by the interval. If the alarm is commented, the comment is shown in the balloon too.

Alarms can be also visualized in chart widgets by enabling the proper options in axes menus.

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