Dashboard template

A dashboard template allows to generate a dashboard model to be subsequently used to create other dashboards with the same structure but with different signals chosen by the user.

The functionality is accessible from the Dashboard manager page.



Creating a template

In order to generate a template, you need to create a dashboard to be used as initial model. 

Template column has a button, it is enabled only if the corresponding dashboard contains at least a signal template that can be substituted with a real signal when creating a dashboard. A dashboard template can also contain real signals in case of, for example, signals comparison dashboard.

By clicking the + button a modal is visualized, by confirming it the template will be created and listed in the apposite section of the Dashboard manager. 



Generating a dashboard from a template

Once the template has been created it is possible to proceed with a dashboard creation, by clicking the + button of the corresponding row.

By clicking the + button a modal is visualized, with the list of all the signals in the template to be associated with real signals.

The generated dashboard is named after the template description with the addition of a suffix, settable by the user in the top right corner of the modal.

Signals are grouped by their widgets: in the first column all the widgets are listed with their dashboard (root or child) reference, while the second column lists the signals templates with the select boxes to choose the real signals to substitute them in the generated dashboard.

Once the suffix has been inserted and all the signals selected, the dashboard is generated following the same structure with the selected signals in substitution of the signal templates.



Renaming template

To rename a template click the pencil button in the corresponding row. Confirm by clcking the save icon.  



Deleting template

To delete a template click the trash button in the corresponding row. By confirming the operation in the modal, the templates list is updated.  

If the template is set in a device template, an error notification is shown with the link to the template edit page.



For a step-by-step guide to create a template of a dashboard, read

From device templating to dashboard templating

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