Progea provides a driver to connect Movicon.NExT to Databoom (IoT Progea Cloud).

Driver documentation is available in the Movicon.NExT Help ON-LINE, at the following LINK.

Main steps to use the driver in Movicon.NExT are the:

  • Add the IoT ProgeaCloud Databoom driver in the section I/O Data Server -> I/O Driver of the side menu of the project

  • Move to the Channel settings tab and add a new channel. Fill the device token field with the token visualized in the device detail page in Databoom

  • Add a Station choosing the channel created in the previous step

  • Variables are available in the side menu, I/O Data Server -> Tags list. By clicking a variable, its properties are visualized.

  • In the properties window, click the [...] icon next to the I/O Physical Address to edit settings:
    • Sending frequency (secs), not lower than 60;
    • Station, the station created in the previous steps;
    • Signal token, if the token is already used in Databoom, the corresponding signal will be updated. On the contrary a signal with the token is created

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