Databoom allows the remote control of MQTT devices. A MQTT command consists in the publication of a customized message on the <project>/<device token>/commands. The MQTT client must be appropriately configured so it can correctly interpretate the commands received on the topic and execute them.

Device configuration

For a correct configuration of a MQTT device refert to the article MQTT. A MQTT device is commandable if all the fields (ProjectsTopic where publish data and Topic where it's possible to recieve informations from Databoom) are filled.

Signal configuration

Once the device is configured it will be possible to enable commands for the single signals. After the option has been enabled, a command template must be inserted. In the widgets is only possible to insert signal value. The command template allows to specify the data format to forward. To indicate the value position in the payload, use the keyword %VALUE% that will be replaced by the value inserted from the widget or the keyword %VALUE_HEX% that will convert the input value to hexadecimal before forwarding.

Forwarding a command

It is possible to send commands from the Signals list and the Signal detail widgets. Once commands visualization has been enabled in widget menu, value input fields will be shown, if the device is appropriately configured.

Commands forwarding consists in data publication on the commands topic, is therefore not possible having a feedback on the actual value update. Depending on the type of device used as MQTT client, wait the proper time before reloading the widget and see the updated value.


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