Release 3.6.16 (09/20/2018)

In the 3.6.16 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Reports, it is now possible to add images ad header and footer for the generated pdf file;
  • Reports, legend in charts is hidden if it's collapsed in widget;
  • Reports, added Show only chart option to hide widget header and footer in report;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Values labels in charts in reports are visualized only when value changes (if a chart has consetant value, only a label is shown on it); 
    • Delete dashboard button available only to dashboard creator;
    • Share button in notes widget is hidden when creating a new  note;
    • Notes shares visualized in the header of note detail;
    • Map widget, favourite signals shows the correct number of decimal digits, according its signal option.
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