Creating a template

A template represents a device prototype to be used to create new devices with the same structure. 

Creating a template

To create a device template in Databoom you need to create a new device, selecting the Template Device type.

Once the type is set, a form will show to fill all the template fields, type of device and signals list (description, signal type and token) are required.

Depending on the type of device selected as template, it will be possible to start communicating with the consequent devices creation on the set model.

Edits on a template are inherited by all the generated devices if the following communications use the template to transmit. If, for example, signals are added to a template and the communication with a generated device uses the template itself, the device will update with the new signals. On the contrary, if a signal is added to a generated device, the edit doesn't reflect on its template.

To better understand the use and utility of templates it's highly recommended the further reading of the documentation about type of generable devices.

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