Release 3.4.0 (04/17/2018)

In the 3.4.0 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Notes widget, added option to hide reports generation events;

  • Chart widget, removed Go to chart button from widget menu (link in chart legend must be used);
  • Multi chart widget, link to signal in legend mantains camparison, the selected signal is used as analysis basis;
  • Multi chart widget, after going in the details page from corresponding link in the widget legend, signals comparison remains after accessing the edit page;
  • Signal details, by clicking the graph icon in the Signals in the chart panel, it is possible to change the color of the corresponding chart;
  • Shared dashboards, when all shares are removed, the dashboard is renamed with a ! before its name to distinguish it from the original one;

  • Reports, added the possibility to add custom .pdf files in the generated reports list;

  • Templates, templates (in types of devices) for MQTT devices and their signals creation were introduced;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Time ranges comparison, recovered widget creation from signal details;
    • Public devices, added info panel at the top of the list;
    • Side menu, click on devices menu takes to private devices lists as default;
    • Notes widget, updated visualization for manually uploaded reports;
    • History widget, better table header visualization.
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