Public devices

Public devices are a particular type of devices accessible by all the users without the sharing functionality. The following two cases can be distinguished:

  • Public type of device, the device has a public type, once it is created it is assigned to Databoom and other users can subscribe to it;
  • Users' public devices, a user can decide to make his device public, it will then be available in public devices list.


Public type of device

There are two public type of devices in Databoom, OpenWeather and Open Exchange Rates

When creating a Weather device, if the city isn't available on the platform yet, it is newly created and assigned to Databoom, while the user will be subscribed to it. The device will be accessible to all the users from the devices list.

If case of Open Exchange Rates devices, the available device is unique and owned by the platform. If an user creates a device of this type he is automatically subscribed to it.


Users' public devices

Once a device has been created, an user can edit its access mode and make it public. The device will be visible to all the other user who can subscribe to it.


Subscribing to public devices

It is possible to subscribe to a public device by accessing its details page and clicking the Subscribe button on the top right corner of the page. Once the subscription is active it will be possible to view also its signals, hidden otherwise. 

A row for user's Subscription is shown in the permissions panel, other users subscriptions aren't shown.

Public devices are accessible by subscrivers like read only users, excluding different permissions set by the owner by sharing. Share and Duplicate buttons are hidden in public devices, it is possible to use these functionalities before editing the access type.


Remove public devices subscription

An user can unsuscribe from a public device in every moment. Once the subscirption is enabled, the Unsuscribe button will be available in the device details page and the Remove me button will be also shown in the permissions panel. 

Unsuscribing doesn't affect the public device at all, it will be possible to subscribe to it again from the public devices list.

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