Release 3.3.27 (03/07/2018)

In the 3.3.27 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Virtual signals, added a check on variables in formula (a notification is shown if a not referred variable is used);
  • Dashboards, added the possibility to access a dashboard with a token in the URL (to visualize dashboards on screens without loggin in);
  • Dashboards, added the possibility to specify if sharing child dashboards and history;
  • Dashboards, possibility to share with Admin permissions;
  • Dashboards, Read only users can change visualized period in widgets;
  • Reports, added the possibility to specify if visualize the date, with or without hours, in the generated report;
  • Rules, added more checks on formulas validation;
  • Rules, enabled %%variabile_pdf%% syntax evaluation for report forwarding;
  • Data, weekly averages fixed on Mondays (previously they referred to Thursdays);
  • Signals list widget, added command interface for supported devices/signals;
  • Signal detail widget, added option to hide command input controls when supported;
  • Telegram bot, it is now possible to specify more accounts for a Databoom user;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Fixed dashboards menu order;
    • Uniformed gauge widget value with the signal detail one;
    • Signal detail graph colors, fixed colors absence when more than 5 graphs compared;
    • Fixed list visualization in reports.
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