Release 3.3.18 (2/23/2018)

In the 3.. release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Navigation menu, full dashboard list, dashboards aren't listed according the items per page preference anymore (that skipped some dashboards visualization if their number was greater than the preference);
  • New users, introductory dashboard with demo device for new users; 
  • Virtual signals syntax, added a new formula last_w_ to refer the last available value of a signal in the requested period;
  • Reports, added a new type of widget Page break to force the report to go to next page;
  • Backend, new improved version of the storage server that manages file uploaded in Databoom and the server to process stored files;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities:
    • Reports, different background for cells if their content value is external to range values;
    • Reports, equal columns width;
    • Lists, recovered inverted search with tags.
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