Operations on the report

Adding a widget

Widget insertion in reports works exactly as for dashboards. Click the Add widget button and proceed with widget selection. Only some kind of widgets can be added to a report. Currently the available ones are:

Dates range selector

Among the buttons, a dates range picker is present. It allows to select a dates range that will spread to all the present widgets.

When a range is selected a notice is visualized to warn the user the visualized data refers to fixed period. The button next to the datepicker allows to reset the selection, it ser the single value widgets to Last value while the chart widgets are set to Last hour.

The selector only updates the dates range displayed in the widgets, set granularity is kept.

Favourite report 

By clicking the star next to the report name, it is possible to set it as the favorite one. The favorite report is listed as first in the side menu.

Sharing a report 

Reports sharing works exactly like dashboards sharing. Once a report is shared, generated file list is available to the users in the share.

Sharing or moving a widget

It is possible to share or move report widgets in the same way as dashboards. Widgets can be moved from a dashboard to a report, if their types are compatible (destination select doesn't list the reports if the widget isn't compatible and viceversa).

Emptying a report

It is possible to delete all the widgets in a report by clicking the button Empty report and confirming the operation. Once the report has been emptied, it is not possible to retrieve the deleted widgets.

Deleting a report

A report is deletable only when it is empty. When there are no widgets, the delete button is shown, you can then click and confirm to end the operation.

Delete a generated report

There are two ways to delete a generated report from the list at the bottom of the page:

  • click the bin button and confirm the operation;
  • delete the corresponding note in a Notes widget.

Upload custom reports

Databoom let the users upload their own .pdf reports among the manually or automatic reports generated on the platform. To upload a personal file just click the Upload custom report button and select the file. The uploaded file will show as Manually uploaded and will also list the original file name.

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