Report functionality allows to manually or automatically generate user customizable reports.

A report looks like a dashboard, with a few differences:

  • The navigation bar is not present, it is not possible to create children reports;
  • The report layout is fixed, widgets can be moved but only height can be resized (in the exported report, widgets are always integrally visualized);
  • Date range picker allows to update all the widgets at the same time: in case of single value widgets the custom avg is set, in chart widgets the selected interval is shown with automatic granularity;
  • The picked date range reset button set the single value widgets to Last value while the chart widgets are set to Last hour; 
  • There are three more buttons:
    • Preview allows to view the widget as they reproduced in the report, in the dialog it is possible to start PDF generation;
    • Generate PDF starts the file generation without visualizing the preview;
    • Report images to upload images to use as report header and footer;
  • Checkboxes under the title allow to choose whether to show the title in the report, with the possibility to include also the creation date;
  • Only some kind of widgets can be added to a report. Currently the available ones are:

Create a report

Similarly to dashboards, to create a report click the +  icon next to the corresponding button in the side menu.

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