Generating a report

Manual generation

Once it has ben populated with widgets, it is possible to visualize a report preview by clicking the Preview button.

In the modal footer it is possible to edit date options, you can choose to visualize it with or without hours. The format used for the date in the generated report is the one specified in user's profile preferences.

By clicking the Generate PDF button, a .PDF file containing all the inserted widgets is created. The file is stored in the cloud and accessible by the user from the reports list at the end of the corresponding report page.

Automatic generation

It is possible to set a report as a variable in a rule and schedule its generation with automatic email forwarding.

After the report has been selected from the list and its variable visualized, it is possible to attach the report to the email (in the email the variable will be replaced with the download link of the file) by typing the variable in the following format  %%variable_pdf%%

If a report appers in a rule, a notification is shown at the head of the report.

Report lists

All the generated reports are listed in the corresponding report page with their creation date, their generation mode (manual/automatic) and their download link. It is possible to filter the list with the proper date selector.

For each generated report, an event is also created. It is possible to list the events in a dashboard using a Notes widget.

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