Free text (widget)

Free text widget let the user create a widget with editable text content. The text is fully customizable and formattable.

The user can specify the starting text while creating the widget, it is then possible to access the editor from the widget menu, by clicking the Text editor button.

It is also possible to enable HTML visualization by clicking the button in the widget header.

The widget is usable for both the dashboards and the reports.

Trough the edit modal it is possible to choose to show the text with the standard widget visualization, or to show only its content, with a transparent background, by selecting the Show only content option.

It's possible to add signals to the widget then include signals info in text using placeholders. As an example consider a variable x0 assigned to a signal in widget edit menu, available placeholders are:

  • %%x0%%, for signal last value
  • %%x0_decimals%%, for number of decimal digits of the signal
  • %%x0_desc%%, for signal description
  • %%x0_token%%, for signal token
  • %%x0_sub%%, for signal substitution
  • %%x0_sub_notes%%, for signal substitution notes
  • %%x0_device_desc%%, for signal device description
  • %%x0_device_token%%, for signal device token
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