eWON (Talk2M)

Databoom allows remote control of eWON devices thanks to the integration with Talk2M. An account is required to enable the functionality.

Creating a Talk2M account

The procedure to create a Talk2M account is available from the eCatcher software. From the login screen, click on "Create a Free+ account" and fill the form.

eCatcher login eCatcher new account

Enabling Talk2M in eCatcher

  • Once the account has been created, access eCatcher and, in the eWONs section, click on Add

eCatcher new eWON

  • After inserting data and choosing the type of connection, the device will show in the list
  • Select the device and click the button Properties
  • In the Properties window, click the button Talk2M Connectivity
  • In the Connectivity window, copy the Activation key

Enabling Talk2M in the eWON

Once the previous steps have been completed, it is possible to copy the activation key in the eWON to enable Talk2M:

  • Access the eWON and go to Configuration -> Wizards (gear icon)
  • Among the available options, choose Configure Talk2M connectivity

  • In the Register with ACTIVATION KEY section, type the activation key copied before in the eCatcher.

  • End the procedure and the eWON will be accessible by Talk2M

Talk2M configuration in Databoom

After the procedures in eCatcher and in the eWON have been completed, it is possible to configure the device on Databoom.

From the list of devices, select your eWON and, from its details page, access to the edit page. Now enable the Talk2M functionality and simply fill the form with the data provided signing in eCatcher.

After saving the configuration of the device, it will be possible to enable commands in the signals you want to control.

Signals remote control in Databoom

  • Access the edit screen of the eWON signal you want to control
  • In the proper section, it is possible to enable remote control by checking Enable command sending
  • In case of analog signal, you can set Limit settable value to prevent out of range values
  • In case of digital signal, you can associate labels to the conditions "Equal to 0" and "Equal to 1", so you can customize the command buttons
  • Confirm the edit to the signals, then it will be possible to send commands by adding a Signal Detail  widget to your dashboard and interacting with the buttons

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