Adding a rule

To add a new rule you need to specify:

  • a description
  • a device and/or signal, a variable is then assigned to the selected element
  • a formula that will verify the rule

In addition to signals and devices it is possible to use reports as variables, to set a report automatic generation and the next mail forwarding when the formula is verified.

For the syntax to use in formula writing, refer to the apposite article.

Priority alarm setting allows to specify the priority level of the alarms generated by the rule. It's possible to choose among Alarm, Warning or Info. You can also specify an activation/shutdown delay (hysteresis), that is an interval where the alarm is not reported even if it is present. Hysteresis values are settable in rules where the formula has not devices in it, hysteresis is only applicable to signals.

In the next form is possible to enable the sending of SMSmails, HTTP requests, MQTT messages and/or Telegram messages to report specific events:

  • Activation, the alarm just turned on
  • Shutdown, the alarm just turned off
  • Both, both the status changes of the alarm

WARNING! Phone numbers used as receivers require the national prefixExample +39

It is possible to insert in the action text:

  • the value of a variable when the alarm has activated, the syntax to use is %%variabie%%
    eg. %%x0%%
  • the value of a variable before the alarm has activated, the syntax to use is %%variable_1%%
    eg. %%x0_1%%
  • value substitution, the syntax to use is %%variable_sub%%
    eg. %%x0_sub%%
  • variable signal description, the syntax to use is %%variable_desc%%
    eg. %%x0_desc%%
  • variable signal device description, the syntax to use is %%variable_device_desc%%
    eg. %%x0_device_desc%%
  • if the rule contains a report, the download link of the file, the syntax to use is %%reportVariable_pdf%%
    eg. %%x0_pdf%%
  • the date of the alarm, the syntax to use is %%alarm_date%%. The date uses the fixed format 24/07/2018 08:04.

In case the alarm generated by the rule stay as New for long time (it hasn't been acknowledged by the user and result still active), the action of the rule is repeated once a day.

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