Rules list

The page displays all the rules associated to your own devices and/or signals. It is possible to search a rule typing in the search bar. It is also possible to reverse a filter by clicking the corresponding tag in the search bar, the tag will be colored of grey and the condition will negate.

Filters in the search bar are stored for the current session. Moving in other pages of the site and coming back, the filter is still applied.

Activate all and Deactivate all  buttons allow to activate/deactivate all the visualized rules simultaneously, while Edit rules enables multiple selection to hide/view, delete or share rules.

In Edit mode you can also select rules to add/remove receivers to all their actions.

It is also possible to add or remove tags to more rules at time, it is enough to filter the list and add the tag or select the tag to remove in the list header. Tags will be updated only in rules with Administrator or Creator permissions.

For each rule its description is shown, with its last edit date, the function, the variables list and the associated actions. A rule consists of a condition that, in the moment in which it occurs, generates an alarm, with the possibility to send an SMS or an e-mail to report the event. The switch allows you to enable or disable the rule.

Rules list

When a device is created a timeout rule is automatically created. The delay between a communication and the next one is monitored, it checks if it exceeds 60 minutes:


By clicking on a rule its details are shown, with the formula and actions.

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